Small Business Basics: Responding to Reviews Left on Houzz

Reviews on Houzz can make or break a business that focuses on anything from architecture to interior design or home improvement. Houzz users tend to respect the judgments of fellow community members more than is typical of almost any other review site online today.

Business owners need to be sure of staying on top of houzz review management if they hope to make the most of this increasingly influential site. Fortunately, there are excellent ways of learning to do so and plenty of tools that can be used to make everything much easier.

Simple Ways to Decide How and When to Respond on Houzz

Every review left on Houzz is associated with a particular member, and this is part of what makes these reports so valuable to others in the community. Having this level of accountability, however meager it might sometimes seem, helps keep cranks, pranksters, and habitually unreasonable people away or at least under control.

While this means that houzz reviews deliver a lot of additional business to companies that do a good job of managing them, it also means that the potential for negative effects can not be overlooked. Fortunately, developing a reliable, repeatable approach to managing and responding to reviews on houzz is easy enough to do. A few of the tips that business owners generally discover for themselves when it comes to responding to particular types of reviews include:

Positive. Whether a customer leaves a gushing review or one that merely expresses even-keeled satisfaction, it will always be productive to leave a brief note of thanks. Other Houzz users tend to take these responses as signs that a business owner makes satisfying each customer a top priority. Adding a little bit of additional detail will rarely hurt, but any kind of grateful response to a positive review will normally be better than none.

Neutral. Some reviewers will raise relatively minor issues while also expressing satisfaction with regard to other aspects of a job. Business owners sometimes feel that overlooking the negative while emphasizing the positive will be the best option, but a better balanced take normally wins out.

Negative. At some point, every business will receive at least one markedly negative review from a Houzz user. The most important thing in just about every such case will be to propose a solution to the problem. Above all else, business owners must take care not to become offended or at least not to show it.

Making the Most of a Dedicated Community

Business owners who keep basics like these in mind can be confident of making good use of Houzz and the reviews its users leave. Using tools that streamline the process of reading and responding to reviews will make all the associated work easier.


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